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How To Incorporate Art in Your Cakes

If you want to have a cake decorating business that truly stands out, your cakes will have to truly stand out. After completing your cake decorating classes, you should have a good idea on what it takes to make a good cake and decorate it. You should know how to use a fondant as well as make icing flowers. Now it is time to use what you know and put it to good use.
Decorated cakes, as sad as this seems, are a dime a dozen. Most people go to the grocery store bakery where a cake can be ordered in a matter of hours and decorated, generically, to suit most people. The majority of people have little or no imagination and tend to do what everyone else does.

When someone is daring enough to have a cake that stands out, such as one that is shaped like the Eiffel Tower or Empire State Building, they are bound to draw attention to their art form. Once you know the concept of baking a good cake and how to use icing, frosting and fondant, you should be able to come up with a few designs of your own.

Incorporate some different shapes and allow your imagination to run wild. Remember, you are only making a cake, not operating on a brain. The worst thing that can happen is that the cake does not turn out well. Practice making some specialist cakes that are unique and attractive. The more you can allow your imagination to run your art, the more unique your business will be. People will no longer be satisfied to go to the local grocery store and order a cake that tastes like cardboard when they can go to your cake bakery and find something truly unique.

In order to pull this off with success, you need the following:

Your bakery should be in an upscale neighborhood where people can afford a $50 birthday cake for little Johnny. If you are dealing with high end cakes, you need to deal in a high end neighborhood. Study the location of the cake stores before renting a space.

You are going to have to pull off something more than the standard fare. The cake is going to have to taste good and look good. Actually, it is more important that it looks good. Average designs are out – unique is in. You want your cakes to stand out above all others.

You are going to have to become a whiz at making wedding cakes and dealing with brides. This is a whole subject into itself. Dealing with brides is never pleasant, but let’s face it, they order wedding cakes from bakeries. Rarely do we see a bride attempt to order a three tier cake from a grocery store.

Once you practice a few innovative designs in cake decorating of which you are proud, spray them with lacquer so that they keep their shape. They can be your showpieces in your shop. People will want to see your products when they come into your shop and such exquisite, artistic cakes are not easy to make on an every day basis.

Another thing you need to do when incorporating art into your cake decorating is to think outside the box a little when it comes to baking pans and shapes. Do not limit yourself to the standard pans. Learn how to make a sculpture with your cakes to make the shapes truly unique, even if it involves using unconventional cake pans.

Cake decorating is an art form. In order to be successful at this business, you need to be willing to experiment with shapes as well as ingredients and not be afraid of turning out a flop once in a while. Of course, you will want to make sure that all cakes you offer to customers have been tried and true so that you do not have a flop for someone’s wedding as that would be a disaster.
Use your imagination as well as your love for baking to allow your cake decorating business thrive. And above all, incorporate your artistic creativity into your cake decorating business.